A Good Council? Evaluation of the Research Council of Norway

Language: English

Publication date: 31st August 2012

The evaluation of the Research Council of Norway (RCN) provided an assessment in relation to the overarching goals that were established for the Council’s activities as both a Research Council and an Innovation Agency. It covered the Research Council’s roles in the research system in the light of recent developments, including an increase in independence for research institutions accompanied with more clearly defined strategic responsibilities, and the internationalisation of research. The aim of the evaluation was twofold: it served the traditional purpose of evaluation, namely to learn from and inform about past processes and performance, and it was to provide a basis for learning how to improve future performance. This was especially important in light not only of significant changes in the global organisation of research but also the increasing scientific and technological sophistication of Norwegian society and economy. Sources of evidence were document analyses, analyses of RCN data such as types of beneficiaries and outputs, interviews with key stakeholders and actors in the system, and evidence from existing evaluations and studies.

Evaluation of the Research Council for Norway – Background reports:

  1. Production of Strategic Intelligence and Advice
  2. Organisation, Governance and Institutional Boundaries of the Research Council of Norway (Report plus appendix)
  3. Ministry Steering of the Research Council of Norway
  4. RCN’s Management by Objectives System
  5. Implementing and Adding Value to the National Priorities and Developing the National research and Innovation System
  6. Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Output of Norway in an International Context: Analysis of the Research Output of Norway and the Funding Effects of the Research Council of Norway
  7. Users’ experiences of and interaction with the Research Council of Norway: Results from surveys of researchers, research institution leaders and participants in RCN meeting places
  8. Company Survey
  9. Returns to R&D in Norway. The Role of Public Grants and Subsidies
  10. Internationalisation