European Innovation Scoreboard 2011-13

Authors: Nelly BrunoKincsö IzsakViola PeterLorena Rivera LeónLaura RomanElina GrinieceHugo Hollanders

Language: English

Publication date: 31st January 2012

This project was designed to provide the innovation policy community with statistical and economic analyses that allow the evaluation and the characteristics and performances of national and regional innovation systems. The tasks delivered under this service contract were the continuation of activities under the previous European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) project.
Within this framework, Technopolis Group was  involved in the production of the Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2011 together with MERIT, where we provided an in-depth analysis of regional research and innovation funding coming from the Structural Funds and from the 6th and 7th European Research Framework Programme.
Technopolis Group also worked on the production of the European Public Sector Innovation Scoreboard 2012 with MERIT: the work focussed intially on developing a methodology for defining/measuring public sector innovation and then, on producing the first European Public Sector Innovation Scoreboard. Technopolis and MERIT were also in charge of the production of an exploratory report on new ways of measuring innovation.

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