ERAWATCH research inventory

Authors: Viola Peter

Language: English

Publication date: 31st December 2012

This assignment continued the production and updating of both the ERAWATCH Research Inventory and Annual ERAWATCH Analytical Country Reports, which assessed the progress made by the Member States in the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy, in particular with regard to private and public R&D investment and on the contribution to the realisation of the European Research Area. Technopolis led the project by coordinating and analysing the work of the pool of country experts. Technopolis’ experts were also national correspondents for Belgium, Estonia, France, Netherlands, Poland Sweden and Turkey. Activity under this contract centred on the systematic collection and processing of a refocused and coherent set of information for web-based publication on European, national and regional research structures, research actors and research policies in each of the 46 countries covered.