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Audit on industry regulations linked to environment, energy, health and safety for the chemical, paper and oil industries

Environmental and health regulations may cover a wide range of industries but their economic impact is particularly significant in the chemical, refining and paper-based industries. These sectors are subject to a large number of regulations, in particular European, because of the importance of pollution and the risks that production sites may create or the dangers…

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Study on open energy research databases

Technopolis Group is  lead contractor of a consortium which  is investigating opportunities and barriers for research databases in low carbon energy research for the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation). The project entails identifying promising energy research areas for sharing open data and interviewing a range of projects in these fields for their reasons for…

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Evaluation of the Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT)

The creation of the Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT), following the 2010 call for projects, is part of a desire to strengthen the exploitation of the results of public research towards the private sector, in order to improve the growth potential of the French economy. This new instrument aims to continue the momentum initiated since…

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