Technopolis Group has worked throughout Asia on our core expertise of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and Higher Education policies. We provide services that include strategy support, monitoring & evaluation, and research within these domains. We have a particularly strong expertise in the linkages between STI policies and sustainable economic development. Recent clients include the OECD, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNIDO and the European Commission, working in countries such as Vietnam, China, South Korea, India and throughout Central Asia.

Recent key projects include:

  • Technical support to the Asian – European eco-innovation centre (SME ASEIC)
  • Evaluation of Scientific Co-operation between China and the Netherlands (Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences)
  • Smart Specialization Policies for Research & Innovation in Asia the Pacific (OECD, 2015)
  • Evaluation of the THALES scholarship programme in India and China (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Analysis of Green Industry trends in Central Asia (UNIDO)
  • Analysis of the Chinese participation in the European Framework Programme for Research & Innovation (European Commission)
  • Evaluation of the Franco-Vietnamese programme for higher-education development (French Foreign Affairs)
  • Evaluation of the decentralised co-operation between France and China (French Foreign Affairs)
  • Raising Productivity in Developing Countries (incl. Vietnam) – Innovation and Growth – Coordinated Country Case studies (DFID)