Emerging Markets

Technopolis Group has developed an extensive portfolio of more than 70 projects in Africa and Asia in over 25 countries. Our key services are strategy, research, monitoring and evaluation across a wide range of topics in the knowledge economy, including Science, Technology and Innovation, Higher Education, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness and Health. Our projects cover a range of thematic domains (i.e. inclusive growth, business environment reform, intellectual property rights, agricultural innovation).

We work for local clients, international development agencies, donors, and multilateral development banks. Recent clients include the World Bank, the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development,  the African Development Bank, the Africa-Caribbean and Pacific group of states (ACP), WIPO, the ILO, UNESCO, UNIDO, European National Ministries of Foreign Affairs (French, Dutch, etc.) and co-operations agencies such as the Agence Française de Développement and DFID, the French Research Institure for Development (IRD) and the Association of African Universities.

Examples of recent multi-country / multi-region key studies

  • Evaluation of the Developing Operational Research Capacity in the Health Sector project (2011–2014) (DFID)
  • Raising Productivity in Developing Countries – Innovation and Growth – Coordinated Country Case studies (DFID)
  • DCED Business Environment Reform and Green Growth in developing countries Phase I (DECD-World Bank)
  • Evaluation of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)
  • Evaluation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Programme of the Centre for Technical Co-operation in Agricultural Development in African & the Pacific (CTA, 2015)