Intellektuaalomandi õigused ja standardid

Intellektuaalse omandi kaitse on oluline vahend kiirendamaks toodete turuletoomist ja innovatsiooni elluviimist. Euroopa Patendiameti andmetel on täna intellektuaalse omandi kaitse taotlusi oma 50% rohkem kui kümme aastat tagasi – viimasel kümnendil on taotluste arv oluliselt tõusnud. Samuti on tõusnud vajadus teiste intellektuaalse omandi vormide nagu copyright, kaubamärgid, tööstusdisainilahendused või nö kaudsete vormide nagu ärisaladused järgi. Intellektuaalse omandi kaitse üha laienev ampluaa on tõstnud selle olulisust nii äriettevõtete kui ka teadusasutuste ja poliitikakujundajate hulgas. Technopolis käib ajaga kaasas nõustades oma kliente uusimate arengutega intellektuaalse omandi kaitse poliitkate ja strateegiate väljatöötamisel, jälgimisel ning  hindamisel.


Support study for the ex-post evaluation and ex-ante impact analysis of the IPR enforcement Directive (IPRED)

The study aims to provide “Support for an ex-post evaluation of Directive 2004/48/EC [IPRED] and for an Impact Assessment in view of legislative proposals modernising the enforcement of IPR”. IPRED has been implemented between 2005-2009. A first, early evaluation (2011) could not establish significant impacts. Given the changes – in particular in the digital environment…

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Evaluation of the application of Regulation 386/2012

This evaluation concerns the implementation of Regulation (EU) No 386/2012 on entrusting the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) (former OHIM) with tasks related to the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRs), including assembling public- and private-sector representatives as a European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. The evaluation analyses the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency,…

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Study on the contribution of standardization to innovation in European-funded research projects

This study for CEN analysed the nature and extent to which FP6 and FP7 projects use standardisation as an input to their work or as a means to codify and disseminate the knowledge created through projects. Desk research, interviews and surveys were used to identify the role of standards within FP6/7 projects and a series…

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European Institute of Innovation and Technology Policy Study

Technopolis supports research organisations in their development, assessment and formulation of IPR strategies. This study – written on behalf of the European Commission, DG EAC, and in collaboration with ISIS Enterprise, the technology transfer firm of the University of Oxford – reviewed the current state of development of the IPR strategies of the first three…

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