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Technopolis BV was founded in 1996 and we now operate from our office in the historic centre of Amsterdam. 

The Dutch team has a range of backgrounds and fields which provides a rich intellectual mix. Science, technology and innovation are our core competences, but we also work in policy domains such as science, industry and economic affairs, health and health care, environment, agriculture and food and development aid.  We also work in a wide variety of technological domains ranging from nano-electronics to life sciences, materials and ICT.

The governance of research and innovation is a major topic in which our team specialises.  The role and position of funding agencies, university strategies and quality systems, the internationalisation of R&D, the organisational set-up of research institutes and centres of excellence, the organisation of national innovation and research systems are also topics that recur in many of our assignments.

Many of our clients are in The Netherlands and in Flanders. However, we also work for regional and national clients in many other European countries. One of our staff is based in Sao Paulo (Brazil) where she works on science, technology and innovation issues in that area.

We are deeply involved in various European initiatives through which we monitor policy developments and stimulate mutual policy learning. These include ProInno, Erawatch and various OMC- and ERA-NET networks.  We have experience in organising high-level conferences and policy learning events.

Staff of Technopolis BV act as members of various European Commission expert panels. 

On the projects page you can find some of our recent projects.


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