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Technopolis France was created in 1998 in Paris as part of the Technopolis Group. Technopolis France has more than 10 years of experience of evaluation and policy studies, with a strong focus on research, innovation and economic development policies. The office currently has 11 consultants, all specialised in science and technology policy.

Our consultants have developed a large body of R&D and innovation policy evaluation and study experience, spanning many  programmes and research institutions who operate in the academic, business and governmental sectors (research for policy and regulation). In addition to this wide expertise, over time some core competencies have developed.

Technology transfer / valorisation

The team has successfully evaluated the major schemes in this area:

  • Evaluation of Ministry of Research's contest for new venture creation (2009)
  • Evaluation of the Young Innovative Enterprise Scheme (2008)
  • Study on research valorisation at INSERM (National Health Research Institute), as part of the INSERM overall evaluation.(2008)
  • Evaluation of the National Incubator Scheme (2006)
  • The office also evaluated several schemes implemented in region to support technology transfer in Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine, Lorraine, Pays de la Loire

Large-scale international evaluations

The consultants at the Paris office frequently lead and coordinate large international teams of evaluators. These large-scale evaluations are performed for international organisation such as the European Commission or UNESCO:

  • Evaluation and impact assessment of the European Non Nuclear Energy research activities under FP5 and FP6, DG Research,(2009)
  • Ex-post Impact Assessment of the FP6 sub-priority “Global Change and Ecosystems” for DG Research, (2008)
  • Evaluation of UNESCO Brazilia Office projects and programmes (2006)

Advanced quantitative methods such as Bibliometrics and Social Network Analysis

A number of the consultants hold acknowledged competencies in Bibliometrics and Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Recently the team has worked on the Bibliometric Profiling of FP participant for DG Research (2009) and a study into research excellence and potential scientific partnerships accross the Nordic countries, for Norforsk (2007). SNA is especially used by the office in order to map the scope and evolution of partnerships within given programmes.

The team applies these advanced tools frequently in its evaluations. In addition, we work with the Observatoire des Sciences et Technique and Aguidel in order to access reliable data and reinforce the methodological competencies in this strategic area.

International Development

Technopolis France has a strong portfolio of projects outside Europe, especially in Africa. Consultants in Paris have led and contributed to several international evaluations:

  • Evaluation of the geographical presence of UNESCO in Brazil (on-going, will be completed in September 2009)
  • Evaluation of Francophone young volunteer programme, Organisation Internationale pour la Francophonie (2009)
  • Evaluation of « Hub and Spoke », Capacity-building in international commercial negotiation between Africa and Europe, Organisation Internationale pour la Francophonie (2008)
  • Evaluation of the French external audiovisual policy in Maghreb and Middle-East (2006)
  • Evaluation of UNESCO product delivery mechanism (2006)
  • Evaluation of the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) in Geneva (2005)

Research and innovation observatories

Technopolis France has developed in co-operation with leading experts and scientists, an innovative method to collect, analyse and graphically present reliable and meaningful data on the regional research and innovation potential of a given territory. This method was successfully used in a town (Angers in 2004, 2006, 2008) and is now being used at regional level (Pays de la Loire, 2009).


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