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The Technopolis Group office in Estonia opened in August 2006, a natural progression for Technopolis, as it had been actively working for agencies, which develop and implement policy in Estonia and the Baltic region since the late 1990s.

The Tallinn Office has specialised in performing research and advising public sector in the fields of R&D and innovation, and entrepreneurship but also higher education. We focus on comparative research projects and international benchmarking as well as strategy and programme design and evaluation.

In terms of specific themes we are experienced in: regional development, EU Structural Funds, public-private R&D and innovation cooperation, technology transfer and commercialisation/international knowledge, company development, strategic planning and project management. Considering particular technology, our consultants have track record of work in environmental in particular eco-innovation as well as the health care and biotechnology fields. We are extending our business to social innovation and demand side innovation policies.

The office has a variety of projects in the portfolio. We have contributed as country correspondants and analysts, performed project-specific surveys, case studies and interviews in the Baltic region but also in Finland. We are also involved in a more technical assistance type projects providing hands-on and ongoing advice. In Lithuania, we are contributing to the monitoring and implementation of five integrated science, studies and business centres (Valleys) and four thematic Joint Research Programmes (JRPs).It is a long-term (3.5 years, form 2011) and multi-task project in partnership with Ernst & Young Baltic for the Research and Higher Education Monitoring Centre (MOSTA) where we work not only with the ministries but also with the universities and research institutes in ensuring successful utilisation of the newly developed research infrastructure.

The Tallinn office maximises its links with other Technopolis offices (particularly Brussels and Stockholm). About ten Technopolis experts from our different offices have contributed to the Baltic region projects. The Technopolis Tallinn office continues to offer its clients access to the knowledge generated by its consultants located in its offices across Europe & Turkey. The staff of the office can work fluently in Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, English and Russian.

Selected projects and clients from last four years are listed as follows:

Policy research and analysis

  • Expert assistance for the development of Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) in Estonia, Greece and Slovenia. Client: EC, DG Research and Innovation (2012-ongoing)
  • Mobility of Researchers and Knowledge Transfer in the Nordic Region - Patterns, Framework Conditions, Incentives and Trends. Client: NordForsk (2012 - ongoing)
  • Benchmarking of Safer Internet policies in Member States and policy indicators. EC, DG Connect (2012-ongoing)
  • R&I in Climate change, Resource efficiency and Raw materials:EU policies and programmes and related impact assessment methodologies. Client: EC, DG Research and Innovation (2012-ongoing)
  • Analysis of the Involvement of RD&I intensive higher added value foreign investments as a part of Estonia's innovation policy. Client: the Government Office of Estonia (2012-ongoing)
  • Estonian Human Development Report 2012. Co-authorship for the Public Understanding Foundation (2012-ongoing) 
  • “Funding Innovation report 2012 in the EU and beyond” (based on the European Inventory of Research and Innovation Support Measures. Client: EC, DG Enterprise and Industry (2012)
  • Participation in international science research infrastructures feasibility study. Client: Ministry of Education and Science, Lithuania (2012)
  • Analysis of the Estonian enterprise innovation activities 2006-2008 (Based on the Community Innovation Survey VI). Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia (2011)
  • Innovation in the Baltic Sea region. Client: EC, DG Regio (2011)
  • ERAWATCH: Research Policy Inventory and analytical country reports. Client: EC, DG-JRC, IPTS (2006-2012)
  • PRO INNO Trendchart (Monitoring innovation policy). Client: EC, Country Correspondent for Estonia (2006-2012)
  • Regional innovation monitor. Client: EC, DG Enterprise (2010-ongoing)
  • METRIS II & METRIS III (Monitoring European Trends in SSH). Client: EC, DG-Research. Country Correspondent (2008-ongoing)
  • Eco-innovation Observatory, Country Correspondence for Estonia. Client: EC, DG Environment (2010-2012)
  • Regional Innovation Policy instruments. Client: OECD (2010)
  • European Innovation Progress Report 2009. Client: EC, DG Enterprise and Industry (2010)
  • Analysis of the Bio-energy sector in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Client: Nordic Council of Ministers (2009)
  • Sectoral Innovation Watch - the work-package management of implementing 70 interviews and 30 case studies of the European leader companies across 10 sectors - under the EC ´Europe INNOVA´ initiative. Client: EC, DG Enterprise and Industry (2008)

Policy evaluation and institutional development

  • Establishment of a European Service Innovation Centre. WP 2 “Customised advice in six regions”. Client: EC, DG Enterprise and Industry (ongoing) 
  • Interim evaluation of the participation of SMEs in the cooperation programme and the benefit of SMEs schemes under the capacities programme of FP7 for RTD and demonstration activities (2007-2013). Client: EC, DG Research and Innovation (2012-ongoing)
  • Evaluation of EU funded projects' input in implementation of the Baltic Sea Strategy. Client: Ministry of Environment, Estonia (2012-ongoing)
  • Ex-ante evaluation of 2014-2020 Structural Funds, Client: Ministry of Finanace, Estonia (2012-ongoing)
  • Monitoring of Implementation of Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centres (Valleys) and Joint Research Programmes Project. Client: MOSTA (Lithuania) jointly with Ernst & Young Baltics (2010-2013)
  • Development of an evaluation framework for enterprise and innovation policy. Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia (2011)
  • Mid-term evaluation of the R&D and higher education measures financed by the Structural Funds 2007-2013. Client: Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia. In partnership with PRAXIS and the Institute of Baltic Studies (2011)
  • A study of evaluation activities related to innovation support instruments co-funded by the ERDF. Country correspondence. Client: EC, DG REGIO (2011)
  • Evaluation of Innovation Activities: methods and practice: Client: EC, Country Correspondence for Lithuania (2011)
  • Eco-innovation business models - Assessment of Eco-Innovation Business Model for DG Environment and OECD. Client: EC, DG Enterprise (2011-ongoing)
  • Evaluation of the national teams of the Bologna experts, Framework Contract for Evaluation, Evaluation related services and Support for Impact Assessment (EAC/50/2009). Client: EC (2011)
  • Green Jobs Foresight. Client: European Agency for Health and Safety at Work. (2010-ongoing)
  • International cooperation of Competence Research Centres. Case study: Estonia. Client: COMPERA. (2009)
  • The OMC Peer Review Latvia. Client: EC, DG Research (2009-2010) 
  • Early Review of the Estonian Development Fund. Client: Estonian Development Fund (2010)
  • Midterm evaluation of the Competence Centre programme. Client:  Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia (2008)
  • A feasibility analysis of technology investment programme of companies in Estonia. Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia (2008)

Estonian Evaluation Society (ESTES)

Technopolis Group Estonia contributes to policy debate and exchange on future development in the region by active participation in Baltic events. Most notably as one of the founding partners of the Estonian Evaluation Society (ESTES) which was established in 2010.  The other founding partners include  Praxis and CPD Centre for Pure Deveopment.

The aim of ESTES is to develop the policy evaluations market in Estonia and help policy makers improve the setting of goals and indicators in order to make the policy cycle - planning, implementing, evaluation - more organised. ESTES gathers the main players on the policy evaluation market - the evaluators (mainly consultancy companies, universities and freelance consultants) and observers like ministries and public agencies, as clients.

Technopolis Group Eesti as a board member of ESTES plays an active role in developing the Estonian evaluation market by sharing its experiences and knowledge as well as generating new ideas to support public organisations to improve their strategic planning. So far, ESTES has provided three discussion seminars for its members and stakeholders. During these seminars the bottlenecks on Estonian evaluation market were identified, also future evaluations of EU funds discussed and recent evaluations were introduced to the members and stakeholders. With these seminars, the launching partners hope to spread the evaluation knowledge and culture as well as  exchange experiences and discuss common problems. ESTES has also launched a common project with ministries to agree best practices in order to harmonise the understanding on evaluations between stakeholders.

In autumn 2012 ESTES hosted a share of participants of the European Evaluation Society 10th Biennial Conference, which took place in Helsinki on 3-5 October. During the work-shops in Tallinn, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with a number of innovative initiatives aimed at the assessment of public policy in Estonia.

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