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The Vienna based office, founded in 2000, works closely with national, international and regional organisations in the fields of science, innovation and technology policy. The team has specialised skills and experience in policy design and strategy development as well as of policy evaluation, both of programmes and institutions.

Technopolis Austria has responded to the increasing importance of regional innovation and technology policy during the recent past and has worked together with the governments or development agencies of almost all Austrian regions in developing strategies, engaging in institutional re-organisation and in the evaluation of programmes, institutions and individual projects. A major focus in this context has been the development and evaluation of cluster policies.

The Vienna office has put special emphasis at the evaluation and restructuring of institutions and portfolios of policies and institutions. A recent activity is the collaboration with the Ludwig Boltzmann Society in their fundamental re-organisation and transformation in their management, selection and evaluation procedures and systems aiming at bigger, professionally managed and interdisciplinary institutes.

Equally, work in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has become increasingly important, as these technologies are major factors in innovation. For example, Technopolis Austria was recently reviewing the Digital Economy ICT Action Programme on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. Further, Technopolis Austria is currently advising policy makers on policies to strengthen bilateral R&D cooperation on ICT with bordering countries, Switzerland and Hungary in particular.

We have acquired particular know-how in higher education institutions and research and technology institutes with respect to strategy development, evaluation and managing organisational change. Technopolis Austria has been a partner for more than a dozen academic and public research institutions in the recent past.

Our international experience in the evaluation of programmes and institutions led us to a better understanding of governance mechanisms within the overall innovation system and its actors. We explicitly address governance issues in several projects, among others in Technopolis' current support to the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and Research in which we advice the Ministry, the university and national research centres on the agreement of performance targets.


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