Our story

Our storyTechnopolis Group was founded in 1989 in Brighton (UK) as a consultancy focused on evaluation of science, technology and innovation. We expanded into the Netherlands in 1996 with the founding of an Amsterdam office, followed by offices in Paris in 1998, Vienna in 2000, Brussels in 2004, Stockholm in 2004 (with the acquisition of Faugert and Co Utvärdering.) the Baltic office  in Tallinn in 2006, Frankfurt in 2009, Bogotá in 2016, and most recently a satellite office in Berlin in 2017. The merger with ITD.Eu further strengthened our presence in France in 2011.

In addition to our geographical reach, the scope of our activity has widened as well. Technopolis Group now works at regional, national and international levels in the areas of research, innovation, SME support, university and research institutes, new technologies, clusters and branches of industry, economic and social development, health and life sciences, environment and sustainable development.
We are currently moving beyond our original roots in Europe and have (among other places) successfully completed projects in China, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, North America and Kuwait.

In total, our experience spans 66 countries – and is growing every year.

Today we are over 100 people and are the leading international consultancy in our domain.  Our project teams are made up of the most relevant team members from our various offices.

Our goal is always to be the pre-eminent provider of policy advice and support to decision making – grounded in evidence and experience – to organisations and people with a mission to address environmental and societal challenges and achieve economic growth by means of science, technology, innovation and education.